(New Album this January)

Merry Christmas Time!

I’m wrapping up (finishing) my third album, anticipating leaving in a week for a 2 week tour with¬†my band, Sun Hotel.

It will be my lengthiest album so far, about 45 minutes total, but also my slowest.

It is characterized by a “full”, I guess I could say, sounding ambience, personal and nostalgic samples (many phone messages/conversations), and ever-present tremolo effects on different frequency ranges.

Stream one of the tracks, “I Miss You // So Much // When I’m // Messed Up” here:


I want to work longer on some of the other tracks and do some more planning for the release. So, I expect to have the whole thing done and released sometime in January.

It will be free with optional donation. I plan to offer a multitude of extras for any donation, including:

– 2 extra tracks intended for this album that I don’t plan to put on this album

– 2 tracks from long ago that I never released

– 1 track from my future collage-glitch-sex project

– more album artwork

– maybe poetry, etc.

In short, there will likely be more material in the bonus material than the actual album.


Here is a tentative track list:

1. Sometimes I Forget // I’m Going To Remember // This Stuff Forever

2. Honey Bee

3. I Miss You // So Much // When I’m // Messed Up

4. I Don’t Do School… I Don’t Need Clothes…

5. Aren’t You Supposed To Fall In Love With Girls That Feel Like Your Mom?

6. Summer X

7. Big Relationship

8. Forever Young





New Album’s Artwork


The hip is of Katie Moses, the picture was taken by Brooke Salter.

These sketches were done in pencil and scanned in by me. They are meant to be paired each with an accompanying track of the album.

This album is 7 tracks (the last has no haiku), and is much different than my previous material. I think I can classify it as “collage-ambient”.

Many of the songs contain key parts represented with extremely low or extremely high frequencies. Hence, it may not be represented fully on some sound systems or if one has some hearing loss.

One of the tracks is a collaboration with Chris Rehm.

The first 2 tracks are seamless and are based on an impromptu guitar recording I did sitting in my backyard by the small river at dusk.

I also have a brief vocal presence on a few of the tracks, something very new and weird to me.

It will be online tomorrow! (Wed., June 30th)



Reluctant But Hungry Vampire Dream (page)

Bits of a conversation between my friends concerning feminism and Kate Chopin, recorded back in September 2009 in our dorm room. I’m listening and playing the guitar.

I apologize this .pdf page is so hard to read(practically impossible), I had to use a really crappy camera. It’s more for style points this time.

It basically says that the dream was lucid, meaning that I knew I was in a dream world and could manipulate it however I wanted, but only somewhat. I had powers like telekinesis and flying and things, but in order to fuel them I had to suck blood from my friends like a vampire, killing them. The dream was spent uncomfortably because I didn’t like killing them but felt I had to to keep having powers. I faced many dilemmas choosing between victims.

I suppose that in this track, their conversation represents my friends at the party in the dream, and the distorted erratic noises are like me hovering around and my decisions/powers/reluctant vampire-style killings.

2 more of these coming! then the album will be done.

The next one is kindof scary and has drums.

The last one is 20 minutes long and is by far my favorite.

[ ! ]



There are so many things I want to do.

I will have made many many things by the end of summer.

A new album for sure (early June), a good entry to this contest, hopefully a short book, too.

And a lot a lot of tour videos and blogs.

Right now, I’m doing dailies here with Sun Hotel.

Later, in June/July, I’ll be doing something similar with Caddywhompus.

(that’s me and my bestie Chris from Caddy)



Baseball Dream

I had this dream last night. I remember how it looked and felt very, very clearly. I typed this right after I woke up, I didn’t proofread or edit it, so it’s probably very sloppy and coated with early-early morning delirium.

I was back in time, but still my age. I saw my little league baseball team prepping for the championship game. Checkingout the other team, then all saying, “ok, comeon, we can do this!” then running to the dugout. I followed, i was going to be playing. I was 5th or 6th in the lineup, cant remember. I came to the plate. I have this overwhelming sense of my [relaxed/friendly-sarcastic/free-spirited/not worrying] – part of my personality that i want to be loud so bad, just being extremely exaggerated as I’m there, covering up a feeling of real sadness. First off, i forogt a bat. i took the first swing then realized i just had my cell phone in my hand, and that wasnt going to work, i called for time and grabbed one. it was so light. i swung and misses, took a ball or two, then swung and missed again. they started running in but i said, “wait, that was only 2?” the ump confirmed, and they all ran back. next pitch i bairly tipped to stay in. then everything got slow motion. the pitched was closer, and underhanded the throw. i didnt hit it very well, but i hit it. it was a grounder to the 3rd baseman. i ran, but was routinely thrown out. i laughed lightly, heartily, and said, “aw you got me, you’re sooo good!” the inning was over. right then, and i was taking off my helmet turning away from first base, my dad, as the first base coach, looks to me and says in a more serious way than ive ever heard him say anything, “You are a successful human being.” as to complement my attitude. Immediately i started laughing/crying like ” Hahh What??” then very soon was just crying. I cryed my eyes out, harder than ive ever cried before. not in a happy or sad way, just in an overwhelmed way. Cried and cried, loudly, fully, so much. it just kept coming. i was completely overwhelmed. i don’t remember how i stopped.

This made my day!

Carter from Olive Music Blog, who also did a wonderful review of my album earlier,

emaild me yesterday with some alternate artwork he made for the album.

– Really awesome guy! and really awesome blog, you should check it out.

Things I’m looking forward to working on/releasing:

  • The rest of my dream-concept album
  • An ambient/haiku album <3
  • Many short films and a music video or two

All such things will come in summer, after I work on Sun Hotel‘s full length and tour!

I am very excited.

3 Brief Things

1. I haven’t been doing too much solo work because the end of this school year has me very busy with cramming school work and Sun Hotel tours/recording.¬†Over summer I plan to do a lot. I’ve been feeling very drippy lately and recently got very into some experimental styles of making ambient music. I hope to release an album of such music in summer. It will most likely incorporate the use of some of my favorite haikus in it as well.

2. Remember that dream-concept album I was doing?

I’m sorry I sort of slacked off before it was finished. I’ll have the last track or two and their pages up sometime soon.

3. I’m very interested in video. I’m hoping to make a few experimental short films with accompanying soundtracks this summer.